Water Colour Jaguar

Water Colour painting of a Jaguar painted on water colour paper time lapse with some of my dodgey guitar playing here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=qKc2sH… www.facebook.com/nialldrewart twitter.com/NiallDrewThis www.mycreativeedge.eu/profile/… Part of a set of three now framed and up on a  proud wall …admittedly this shot shows them “pre-hanging” …but they did go up on the wall eventually!

Watercolour Christmas Cards

In a move partly inspired by Christmas and partly by me trying to save money, I thiught I would try and paint some Christmas cards are his year, I cut out the desired sizes in 140 lb Cranston watercolour paper, then held them down with masking take e which would ensure a white border when …


Tyrone Church

This was a commission where i was supplied with a few different images of the same church, i went with one where i could see how the trees and surrounding might offer a some composition that i liked. I actually did a bit more work to it before i handed it over but like a …



Going away present for the bro whose skipping the Atlantic  for new adventures and better times, acrylic laptop cover of a classic game! Flashbacks of great great times!